BBC Video: How Not To Teach Your Girlfriend About Hearing Loss

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A couple of weeks ago I was in London telling a story about hearing loss on television. And that video is now live!

Myself and other five brave people with all sorts of disabilities walked up on stage and for 10 minutes told a story on how our disability affected our relationships.

All these stories had something in common: laughter and sweetness.

Each story was unique and was told with humour. It educated the audience about our disabilities but we also managed to give the audience a warm fuzzy feeling.

It was touching to be with other brave people up on the stage. Why brave, you may ask? Because it took courage to let the entire world know the intimate secrets of our disabilities. Secrets that in the past we wouldn’t have the courage to share with our best friend.

The program is produced by BBC Ouch, a wonderful team of people who cover disability like no-one else. Several members of the production team had severe disability themselves (the producer is blind). They really get it. That’s why their work is so great.

Watch my story about how my girlfriend Elise and I overcame the challenges of hearing loss when we started living together.

If you have any tips or advice for how you and your partner overcame similar challenges, I’d love to hear them! Let me know in the comments below.

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Full (edited) show:
Videos of mine and the other stories from the event on the BBC News Website:

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  1. Your style looks great and you entertained the audience as well. However, the issues like living with hearing-impaired people is a more critical thing then one can think of it. There should be some proper training at the school-level education that can teach on how to deal with people that suffer from some sort of deafness. The advice given in an entertaining way will be forgotten right afterwards.

    1. Post

      Hi Cassandra, of course we need proper training as much as we need humour. That’s why I built an online course that will be live next week. I can send you a reminder if you’d like to check it out.

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