Where do you replace your hearing aid batteries?

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Where do you replace your hearing aid batteries?

…What? What’s with this question?

Yes, perhaps it’s a weird one. But I have a good reason for it.

The early days wearing my hearing aids, when I had to replace my hearing aid batteries, I used to go into hiding.

During those early days, you could find Gianluca replacing his hearing aid batteries in public toilets, work toilets. But not only toilets.

Sometimes Gianluca would replace his batteries at his desk when he thought he was alone in his open space office. But he’d be so stressed that people would come back and surprise him in the act that his hands would shake. Like if he was trying to find the right key to his house door while being chased by a horde of zombies.

Stressful times. Those early days.

And for what?!

Just to make sure nobody knew my big secret.

What I didn’t consider though, was the battery trail I left everywhere: at home, at work, in my friends’ houses, in public toilets…

I was a lousy spy.

Once an old roommate told me that after I moved out he’d still find my used batteries around the house while cleaning, and they’d remind him of me. Fondly even.

Romantic, huh?

Who would have said!

Nowadays, I’m done with all this nonsense.

I change my batteries anytime, anywhere. No matter who’s around me.

Sometimes people catch me in the once-secret-act of battery changing and ask questions.

I don’t mind.

Instead, I take the opportunity to tell them about my hearing loss. It keeps my confidence up.

If you’re still building up the confidence to disclose your hearing loss to others, why not change your batteries in front of them?

If you’re talking and you hear The Beep, just politely excuse yourself: “Would you mind waiting a second? My HAs ran out of juice.”

Batteries. Oh hearing aid batteries.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! My daughter who is HOH is 7. Right now this isn’t even a thought but I’m glad to be aware if it should come up later. Thanks for being an adult mentor virtually. 🙂

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