What hearing loss really sounds like? Hearing loss simulation

What hearing loss really sounds like – Simulation

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Did you ever succeed explaining to people around you what hearing loss really sounds like?

When people ask: “How deaf are you?”

How should we reply?

I heard people answer with a percentage number e.g. I hear 50%.

This reply is easy to understand but not very accurate. It gives a false understanding to others that hearing loss can be easily measured. It makes it all about how loud we hear.

Like if we heard like everyone else, just quieter.

Unfortunately, you can’t describe what hearing loss sounds with one number, I wish it was this simple.

Another alternative would be to show our audiogram to people.

But that’s not always practical, as audiograms aren’t super easy to read.

Personally, sometimes I tried to tell people that I can’t hear the high frequencies well.

People seem to kinda get it, the frequency thing.

But, what does hearing loss really sounds like? A friend asked me once.

Next time a friend ask, why not send them this hearing loss simulation video?

It’s a short video that I’ve used over and over to show others what hearing loss really sounds like. I’ve recommended it to many of my readers and they’ve found it very useful.

To make it more relevant, when you share it with others, you can tell them your hearing loss level, too, which will be one of the following:
– Mild
– Moderate
– Moderate to severe
– Severe
– Profound

Note that this video is a simulation, it won’t show exactly how you hear but I’ve found that it does a better job at explaining than words. And I’m sorry it doesn’t show profound hearing loss, but I think it’s still useful.

Go ahead, show it to your friends and family and let me know what they say.

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