What Is Your Next Step?

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Here’s a thought.

Does hearing loss really hold us back from doing the things we love?

Does it really prevent us from:

  • Attending a large conference
  • Speaking at a large conference
  • Looking after a child
  • Enjoying time with family
  • Going to the theatre

Maybe. Or maybe it just creates an uncomfortable feeling of unknown.

  • Will I hear the speaker?
  • Will I hear the questions from the audience?
  • Will I hear the soft voice of a child in need?
  • Will I hear the conversation?
  • Will I hear the film?

These are hard questions to answer. And sometimes it’s just easier to leave it. To give up.

But when you figure out the answers to these questions you realize that hearing loss isn’t unbeatable.

When you figure out how to use the relevant technology to your advantage, you feel empowered.

When you figure out how to teach others how to really speak to you on a consistent basis, you feel in control.

Who can you teach next to make your communication easier?

And then there is the tech: wireless mics, baby monitors, captions and more are all available to you. What’s your next piece of tech?

Hearing loss does put obstacles in our way. But these obstacles can be removed if we work on figuring out how.

You could start by improving the communication with your partner, by defeating the echo in your house, or by planning your next dinner out.

What’s your next step?

Share your thoughts in the comments so others can learn from you, and if you found this article useful, share it too.

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